Business Process Consulting

Business Process Consulting

We detail every bit of your business processes and design a workflow for you, our developers then set out to develop and create a solution based on your requirements. Our services include deployment of creators & programmers to fashion and model your business to however your specific requirements.

We have credited technologically versed programmers to cater to your business needs. From creating a solution from scratch to its deployment, be it

  1. Mpesa – Integration to your systems.
  2. Visitor/Guest Management Systems.
  3. E-Commerce integration.
  4.  Human Resource Management Systems.

  • Nairobi Club

  • Absa Sports Club

Interactive Webinar Services

If you’re looking for control functions and a bounty of features to help your webinar run efficiently, then we might have the service for you. We have the below features that we know you have interest in;

  1. You can set up instant meetings or schedule larger events in advance by sending email, text or telephone invitations which include a unique URL to take your potential attendees directly to your event. Security measures also ensure that your webinar is encrypted and the system will only record your webinar on your request.
  2. You can prepare coursework, shared files and presentations, include demonstrations and utilize reporting tools to assess how successful your webinar has been and how to make changes in the future, so it’s a learning process for everyone.
  3. We have some impressive audio features that are free to use with this service, allowing you to communicate publicly and privately, and also allowing attendees to gain access to the webinar through their browser or via a telephone. Whilst multiple people are able to speak at once, you can also control whether or not microphones are muted at key times. Video streaming is supported
  4. From a small virtual A.G.M, to a larger A.G.M of up to and beyond 5,000 attendees, our service offers, attendee registration, voting registration, voting result reports, interactive virtual session with your shareholders, statistics report.

Hold your interactive virtual meetings efficiently, effectively and professionally We have so much more to offer, reach us on our e-mail address – or

Professional Services

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